Help us stop the spreading of the coronavirus

Covid-19, Focus on prevention to global coronavirus

Help us stop spreading the coronavirus.

The non-contact walk through temperature door is used to check if people have fever or not.

This may prevent that people with coronavirus or other diseases that causes fever enter an area and infect others.

High accuracy of +/-0,1°C and warning by LED and volume indicators if body temperature is lower or higher than 36°C or higher than 37,3°C.  LCD display shows the actual body temperatur of the person passing through the door. As an option this can also be shown on a computer or external monitor.

The doors are produced in 2 different versions and can also be combined with a metal detector for use at checkpoints and access-controlled areas.

Typical applications are public areas as hospitals, schools, bus and train stations, hotels, airports, etc.


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Test of "Walk Through" temperature detecting door

"Walk Through" temperatur detecting door

Walk-Through Temperatur detector

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